Endeavour Revealed


Full size: 16.5mb | Half size: 1.42mb

They say good things come to those who wait…

…and oh, how we waited for this day to come. The Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, after a nearly three year trek across the Plains of Meridiani, finally reached the rim of Endeavour Crater.

There were many who thought the journey impossible, but a few true believers out there kept the faith. She! and We! Made it!

Another thing we have been waiting for was an appropriate poemster collaboration between myself and Mars poet-dude Stuart Atkinson.
Poor Stu had to ‘wait’ for me to finally get time to work on a poster for his brilliant prose which was written not long after Opportunity’s arrival.

Sorry Stu and everyone, I hope it was worth the wait… as they say ‘good things come’.


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