Farewell Santa Maria

Download: Full size 4.25mb | Half size 723kb | Web size 315kb

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has left the geologic wonderland of Santa Maria crater and begun the journey (the final leg?) to Endeavour crater some 6kms away.

Arriving at Santa Maria just before Christmas 2010, Opportunity has spent the last few months imaging analysing the landscape. A stunning vista in the wider flat terrain of Meridiani Planum.

To mark the rover’s departure from Santa Maria and the start of the journey on the Road to Endeavour, my friend Stuart Atkinson has penned another beautiful piece of prose. It was just crying out to be turned into another of our collaborative ‘poemsters’ (poem/poster).

Thanks to Michael Howard of ‘Midnight Mars Browser’ fame for the mosaic and of course the good people on the Mars Rover team at NASA, JPL and Cornell University for the ongoing adventure.


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