MER Sol 2000

Mars Exploration Rovers
I don’t think that anyone could have seriously imagined that more than five and a half years after arriving on the dusty plains of Mars, that the twin Rovers – Spirit & Opportunity – would still be operating.

Opportunity at Sol2000

Oppy2k_poster_lgeFull size: 4.6mb

Twenty Sols after her sister arrived, Opportunity also reaches 2000 Martian days exploring the dusty dunes and breathtaking craters of Meridiani Planum.

On its voyage to the vast crater known as Endeavour, Opportunity came across a meteorite dubbed Block Island. As a tribute to their meeting, I have produced a poster featuring an artist’s view of this encounter and the brilliant ‘poet dude’, Stuart Atkinson has made it complete with more of his beautiful words.

Oppy2k_poster_medFile size: 1.3mb

Spirit at Sol2000

poster_sol2000Full-size: 4.8mb

Today, Spirit reaches an incredible milestone – 2000 Martian days on the red planet. Opportunity will follow in 20 sols time.

To mark the occasion, here are a few logos, desktops and posters for your enjoyment.

Half-size: 1.4mb

It can’t go without saying how proud we are of the achivements from the Mars Exploration Rover team. Everyone at Cornell University, NASA, JPL and all of the other Centers and personnel who daily make this incredible adventure possible – well done and keep on exploring.

desktop_sol2000File size: 288kb

desktop_sol2000_v2File size: 60kb

logo_sol2000_colourFile size: 330kb

logo_sol2000_GSFile size: 270kb



2 Responses to “MER Sol 2000”

  1. […] Thanks to AstroO for the beautiful logo – designed for UMSF – at the top of this page. AstroO has also made a poster of this poem, featuring a breathtaking image from Spirit. You can find it on his blog, here: […]

  2. […] but “Oppy’s” delayed anniversary has finally arrived, and a poster to celebrate has been produced here, featuring words from this guy, sometimes seen rambling round […]

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