MER Sol 3000

Full: 6.3mb | Medium: 1.96mb | Small: 534kb

As incredible as it seems, the amazing Mars Exploration Rovers have achieved another ‘milestone’ in their journey on the red planet. Rover Opportunity has reached 3000 sols (martian days) driving around the dusty plains of Meridiani Planum.

Purched right now, at the tip of a feature called Cape York on the edge of the mighty Endeavour Crater, this rover and her amazing Earth-bound team continue to explore and make astounding discoveries. Her team of scientists and drivers have extended the rover’s life and its voyage to 33.3333 times longer than the original 90 sol mission goal.

As Opportunity stretched her legs (wheels) again after a fifth winter on the planet and a gentle wind blew the dust from her solar panels, we mourned the passing of another chronicler of martian exploration; Ray Bradbury.

It is fitting then that my good friend and poet extraordinaire, Stuart Atkinson and I should collaborate again on a poemster (a poem and poster) to mark these two events in Earth-Mars history.

Various sized version of our poemster above and a few desktop versions below. Enjoy!

Desktop: Version 1

Desktop: Version 2


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