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Ten years.

Actually it feels like more. The twin Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity have become such a common part of my life and day job that it seems like they’ve always been there. But it’s really only been 10 years.

I say only 10 years, but it was never really meant to be much more than 3 months. That’s all NASA had promised in the beginning. Oh, they hinted that they might last a little longer, but then 3 months became one year and one year became two, and still the rovers rolled on.

Even though we all eventually lost Spirit in 2010, her sister Opportunity continues the adventure on the red planet.

10 years! Wow!

I cannot thank her Earth-bound mission team enough for their continued operation of these wonderful rovers and everything that they have shared from their journey.

As has been tradition for many years now, my good friend Stuart Atkinson and I have once again collaborated on a celebratory ‘poemster’ (a poem and poster) to mark the 10th anniversary of the Mars Exploration Rovers. Stuart’s brilliant words are titled ‘Immortal’ and I think it’s one of his best works yet! If you enjoy it then take a look at some of his other works on his Astropoetry blog.

There are links to various sized versions of the poemster above and two versions of my special 10th anniversary logo below as desktop wallpapers. If these are to be used anywhere (other websites, social media or news services), please credit Stuart and me in the appropriate manner.





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