January 3/4, 2009 – Today, depending where you are on planet Earth, it is the 5th anniversary of the arrival of the first of the twin Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity – on the surface of the planet Mars.

To mark this historic milestone, here are a few celebratory logo/desktops and poetry/posters for you to download.

It is my honor to dedicate these images to the men and women on the Rover teams who have worked so hard to continue operating these amazing explorers on the surface of that distant red world.


 The words on the following posters are from my good friend and noted ‘space poet dude’, Stuart Atkinson. You can read a lot more of his brilliant prose, plus his own thoughts about the voyage of the Mars Rovers over at his blog – ‘Cumbrian Sky’ (see the link at right). Please note that the poster files are about 2.5mb each.



I hope that you enjoy these images and that you will continue to follow the journeys of these remarkable explorers.

EDIT: I received a request for a desktop based on the above poster. Here it is…



2 Responses to “MER@5”

  1. phoenixpics Says:

    Wow, look what you’ve done to my poems! They look GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks! :-))

  2. Dominique MILTAT Says:

    Meilleurs voeux et longue vie pour Spirit et Opportunity

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