Wow! They’ve done it again.

The twin Mars Exploration Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity – have reached six Earth years on Mars.

To celebrate, here are some posters, desktops and of course, another of my friend, Stuart Atkinson’s brilliant poems marking yet another milestone for these two brave explorers.

Congratulations to everyone who works on this mission – you continue to amaze and excite all humanity.


Full size – 4.11mb   Full lower res – 1.25mb   Half size – 401kb   Screen

Full size – 3.42mb   Full lower res – 1.27mb   Half size – 433kb   Screen


1024×768      1280×1024      1280×800      1440×900

1024×768      1280×1024      1280×800      1440×900



7 Responses to “MER@6”

  1. Ian Ridpath Says:

    Oh yes, i well remember that broadcast with Richard Bacon — possibly the worst piece of radio I have ever been involved with. It was actually transmitted live on Radio 5. The programme’s researcher had invited me on to talk about life in space. Hence I was surprised that Bacon brought up the old, and I thought long-since lost, argument about the cost of space research. My view then and now is that space is currently quite cheap and that Beagle, for example, represented surprisingly good value. It was also widely support by the public. So Bacon might have been out of date and out of touch, but once we had dealt with that I thought we would get into the subject at hand. But no, he kept at it for the entire hour. I imagined most listeners had got bored and switched over well before the end. I’m sure Bacon has done better programmes than that since but not with me as I have declined invitations to appear on his show again.

  2. […] Esta madrugada se han cumplido seis años desde que Spirit aterrizara en el cráter Gusev en Marte en lo que estaba planeado como una misión de noventa días pero que ya va casi por los 2.200 y contando, hito del que hay algunos pósters y fondos de escritorio conmemorativos en MER@6. […]

    Google Translate :
    This morning have completed six years since Spirit landed in Gusev crater on Mars in what was planned as a ninety-day mission but which is now almost 2,200 and counting milestone that some posters and commemorative wallpaper in MER @ 6

  3. overcraftx Says:

    spirit has 4 wheels, not 6

  4. […] Poster zum 6., Erinnerungen an die Landung; Astronomy Now, Space Today, Spiegel 4., Cumbrian Sky, Mars Pages 3., BBC Blog,, Mars Pages 2.1.2010, JPL Release, Blog, Science@NASA, Planetary Society 31.12.2009. […]

  5. […] The graphic at the top of this post is taken from this MER@6 collection of posters and desktop […]

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