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Another year has passed and the Rovers just keep on going.

We might not of heard from Spirit since March 2010, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still with us. As a wise person once said “Never bet against Spirit“. Even while stuck she turned adversity into triumph with some unique discoveries about water processes on or more correctly below, the Martian surface.

On the other side of the red planet, Opportunity has continued to amaze us all with her journey across the dunes and rocks at Meridiani Planum. After a distance breaking year and just in time for Christmas, Opportunity (through her intrepid band of drivers and mission planners) has reached the (perhaps) final pit stop on this voyage, the crater known as Santa Maria. Here she will explore and rest until sometime in February before embarking on the big push towards Cape York on the shores of Endeavour Crater. 

Poster: Large 13.7mb | Medium 4.01mb | Small 762kb

Once again, to mark the passage of another year for the Mars Exploration Rovers, my good friend Stuart Atkinson and I have collaborated to create a new Poem/Poster (a ‘poemster’) which we hope you all enjoy.

The poster includes scenes from both Spirit’s and Opportunity’s adventures – see how many places you can name.

UPDATE – 24 January 2011
Stuart Atkinson has written probably one of his best works to date called Columbus’ Ghost. His words conjured up such great imagery, that it was just crying out for a poster version to be done. A fitting tribute to Opportunity’s journey and this brief encounter with Santa Maria crater.

Columbus’ Ghost Poster: Large 23.4mb | Medium 6.01mb | Small 851kb

Thanks again to everyone on the Mars Exploration Rover team – keep driving, keep exploring, keep dreaming!



8 Responses to “MER@7”

  1. This is simply amazing – you did an incredible job! Thanks for the download.

  2. […] you click on that image you will see a larger version, but much better that you go to AstroO’s own blog  and download the largest available version for […]

  3. Dominique MILTAT Says:

    Encore de longs mois à rouler sur Mars.

  4. […] – Glen and Stu challenge you to see how many places you can name. Click on the images or visit Glen’s Astro0 website for higher resolution versions that you can download to print a poster or use for […]

  5. […] For a colour poster version of this poem, created by my great friend Glen Nagle, go here: […]

  6. […] In the meantime, I’d like to say another thank you, this time to my great friend “AstroO” from the forum, who has turned my latest poem into a quite beautiful poster to celebrate Oppy’s seventh anniversary. You can find it on his blog, here: […]

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