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So another year has passed and while in 2011 we saw the ‘official’ end of Spirit’s incredible journey on Mars, her twin sister Opportunity continues to astound us.

It has been 8 years since Spirit landed and although her time has ended, Opportunity continues to carry the flame of exploration. She is presently seeing through another winter on Mars and come the spring will continue exploring the Cape York region on the edge of mighty Endeavour Crater, before heading off to perhaps climb the slopes of Cape Tribulation which beckons in the distance.

As a small tribute to both Spirit and Opportunity, my good friend and legendary “poet dude” Stuart Atkinson have put together a new poem-poster “poemster” which features ‘Tribulation’ and the rim-hills beyond. For a little effect, we’ve added the figure “8” in the form of the rovers own tracks on Mars. While they may have dreamed of doing it, I’m sure no rover driver would ever be tempted to leave such a mark on Mars for real. So it was only right and proper that I and Photoshop do it for them.



2 Responses to “MER@8”

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