SFX Images

One of the things I find both relaxing and rewarding is sitting down and creating an image using Photoshop. I’m pretty much self-taught and certainly do not count myself as being a professional artist. I just do stuff ’cause it’s fun!

Here are some of my ‘special effects’ (SFX) images, taking Mars Rover photos and placing the rover in the scene. I’ll be adding more fromt time to time, so check back.

Important! All of these images are artist’s composites only and do not constitute any scientific accuracy. They are done for artistic and outreach purposes only.


Opportunity explores the area around its crashed heatshield.


One Response to “SFX Images”

  1. Joe Smith Says:

    Food and nourishment for the hungry of us,the ones who routinely
    search for word of mans greatest frontier in history,brought to us
    by the people like yourself who are blessed with God given talents
    to feed this hunger. Thank you for sharing.
    Keep up the good work.
    Joe in Texas

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