Two Explorers

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Well folks, he’s done it again…my very good friend Stuart Atkinson has written another brilliant piece that perfectly expresses the voyage that the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is undertaking, likening it to the voyage of Captain James Cook.

The two explorers are forever linked now, as Opportunity ‘sails’ towards the crater Endeavour, named after Cook’s famous vessel of exploration. Points along its rim named after locations named during Cook’s voyage along the eastern coastline of Australia.

As we have in the past, Stuart and I have collaborated on a poster. I hope this work does justice to his words.



4 Responses to “Two Explorers”

  1. Being an Australian, I am always impressed to hear stories of modern expeditions and how they connect to Australia. The use of James Cook’s voyage of discovery and “Opportunity” and her just as slow mission across the martian surface is indeed an interesting use of interpretation.

    I cannot remember which rover broke a wheel – but it would have been funny to link the broken wheel with Captain Cook’s encounter with the Reef that set them back for a time.

    Good work guys, very entertaining and I am sure my 2 daughters will find it interest in the future.

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