Welcome to Astro0 in Space

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Astro0 and the Curiosity Rover at JPL

Here you will find a variety of posts relating to Space Exploration – something which is both my job and my hobby.

I hope that you will enjoy some of my art, posters and the images based on those produced by a variety of robotic space exploration vehicles, most noteably the Mars Exploration Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity.

Feel free to explore my pages and if you see something you like, you can download it!

Just remember that the images here are either my own originals and hence my copyright, while others are based on the raw data produced by NASA, JPL, Cornell University and other organisations. So please respect their copyright.

If you want to use something, then please give credit where credit is due. If you’re not sure, just ask.

I believe that I am pretty lucky to be alive at this point in history, to be born into the age of space exploration and to have seen it develop from simple metal satellites, to the first humans in space, the landings on the Moon and the development of the Space Shuttle, Space Stations and the magnificent robotic spacecraft that now cover every corner of our Solar System and even venturing beyond.

Occasionally I get to travel and visit some places that are iconic in space terms – NASA HQ, Kennedy Space Centre, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and more. I’ve met some amazing people, some who actually make these missions happen and a handful who have actually flown in space. Along the way I have come to know others who share my interest and understand what it means to be a space explorer – either as a career or from the comfort of home (and I get to do both!)

I hope you enjoy looking through my images and remember to check out the Links and Favourites. These will take you to other like-minded space explorers with talents that leave me in their space dust!